Our software lets you create a simple online sign-up for volunteers to claim the shifts they want.

VolunteerLocal is an online management solution that allows your volunteers to schedule themselves. We offer a free version of our software that will never expire. No strings, no puppetry, no ads. Want more? We also offer value-added versions of our software with primo features at affordable prices. Click here to give us a try--your volunteers are ready. Are you?

Get ready for happy volunteers in your database.

You may be our customer, but our end user is your volunteer. We are committed to making them simply ecstatic. How? By keeping it simple. No accounts, no passwords, single page sign-up and clear job and shift selection.
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Search, Report and Export.

The information you capture during registration is all yours. You can access it at anytime through built in search and reports. Still craving the comfort of an Excel spreadsheet? We understand. That's why we've created the export feature, which allows you to transfer all your data to a spreadsheet. With the export, you can do your own custom reporting, sorting and printing.
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Stay in touch.

Keep everyone on the same page with our integrated communication tool. This allows you to stay in touch with volunteers via email. You can target volunteers by specific shifts, entire jobs, or blast an email event-wide.
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Customize the information you capture.

Our system allows you to customize a registration questionnaire for the volunteer to complete. Go ahead--ask them anything. Need to know t-shirt sizes? No problem. Need to know a date of birth to run a background check? You bet. Want to ask your volunteers their all-time favorite movie? Go for it.
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Let our website do (most of) the work.

Our setup and account creation process is completely automated. It takes just a few minutes to create your account and have your volunteer positions online. You'll step through a three-part process: provide your event and organization information, create jobs and individual shifts, and set an account password.

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This software saved my volunteer director from quitting :) Thank you so much for offering it for free to us little guys! It has been amazing for us! - Jenn Vanelli, Executive Director / Co-Founder, ValleyPalooza Organization, Inc.
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